I was going through some photos on Facebook and found something that is Oppo worthy. A couple of months ago, My father and I embarked on a trip to the Nurburgring for a private event with Sabine Schmitz (which will happen again this september). I am not sure if I have many pictures.

I do have this though. This is Ms Schmitz's dog.
Anyhoo, on the way, we stopped off at a hotel in Amiens. Nothing overly exciting about the hotel, although the sheets were relatively comfortable and light.
9 out of 10. Would recommend.
One thing that confuses me to this day is the 19 Citroen C2's parked underground.
Why ?
They didn't seem to be rentals or work vehicles upon inspection but then again , I was far too tired to care. What's even creepier is that the next morning they were all gone, leaving no trace of existence behind.
That is a Lie.
but seriously , why so many C2's