The 'Official' Le Mans Classic Planning Post

Ive been meaning to create this post a long while ago, but time seems to slip away lately more than ever. This is a planning post for the Le Mans Classic event in July. Ill be detailing my own preparations here and would like to provide this as an opportunity for fellow Oppos to join in on this event.

A while back, EurOppo member Duurtlang had posted a EurOppoMeet schedule, including an event that I would promote here and detail some of the organizing that I’d been doing for this event.

Since the event is in early July (the LMC is from 6 through 8 July), I wanted to get a head start in finalizing a number of things. Ive decided to leave for France (Im in The Netherlands myself) on the 5th, giving me enough time to settle in and do a nice, scenic drive down to Le Mans.


Another advantage of leaving a day early is scouting out locations to take some nice pictures (if youre a photOppo of course).

The Tickets:

One of the things I wanted to get out of the way was the ticket ordering. I’ve decided to go with 3 separate tickets: The general 3-day entrance ticket, which gives you access to the circuit (certain areas around the circuit like Mulsanne and Virage) on all 3 days (to the races and practice). It also gives you access to the club and manufacturers parade, Mini Le Mans, the exhibitors village, village entertainment, the car show and quite a number of other things. I also decided to add the Paddock tickets and a ticket to the Rouge parking spaces.

The webpage to choose the tickets is a bit difficult to navigate (if you dont know any French), but it adds a map of the track and its surroundings, so choosing what you want/need gets a bit easier.

The Accommodation:

For my stay in France, Ive decided not to stay in Le Mans. The prices are exorbitant (this might be due to my late booking), instead, Ive booked a hotel in Laval, which is a 40 minute drive from Le Mans.


It also adds the opportunity to, again, enjoy some scenic roads driving from and to Le Mans. If youre booking from outside Europe (for our non EurOppo Members), Id highly advise to look for the smaller towns around Le Mans for hotels. You’ll thank me later.

The Drive:

As stated above, Ill be leaving for France on the 5th. I havent determined the exact time yet, but as July approaches, Ill reshare this post for anyone interested in tagging along. I live in Rotterdam myself and will be taking as many scenic roads (instead of highways) as I can to get there.


Im staying until the 9th (monday) and doing a nice, relaxing drive back, preferably scenic roads again. I havent yet decided on the routes, but itll be my project.

If you need any more info or have suggestions or would like to join, let me know here on Oppo.


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