Well the time has come, and Doug is now the proud(?) owner of a 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage!

So what should he do with it over the coming year? Below I have a few ideas, ranging from obvious, to possibly insane.

1. Track Day, bro. Obviously we all want to see Doug race around a track in his Vantage. No further explanation needed.

2. Auto X. because of course

2. Take it to a Ford Dealership for an appraisal.

3. Drag racing, duh

3. Post a video of you reading through the entire warranty in your best British impression.


4. List it on CL for a day at a low price, and watch shit unfold. What could go wrong? (spoiler: EVERYTHING)

5. Somehow round up his previous vehicles for a reunion.

5. BOND BOND BOND. James Bond, that is.

6. Attend Oppo meet 2016 so we can all mock him in person!

7. Put Torch in it for a Jason Drives episode.

8. Instead of having a dealer work on it, have the good lads from over at The Garage do all of his maintenance. Those jeeps turned out well, right?!


8. Join Uber for a day, wear a tux, and film people’s reaction as you pick them up.

8. Meet up with Freddy and see examples of what you could have bought!

9. Enter formula drift, yo. For a day. Or until death do him part.

9. RCR Review!!!!

10. Sell it and but a fleet of Prii and CrossCabs.

Anything you have to add that you want Douglas to see? Add it below!