The Official Team OppositeLock/Digital Burnouts Sign Up Form for the iRacing 24 Hrs of Daytona

[Update: Currently 3 drivers signed up. Looking for more.]

Photo Credit:, RacespotTV. No, we will not be good enough to be broadcasted. Unless there is some real talent out there I don’t know about.

Having been reminded that I have no concrete list of drivers, I decided to create a sign up form. That way I know how many people we have.


Do you want to be part of a full 24 hour racing experience? Do you happen to have a free weekend on January 21st - 22nd? Then this may be the opportunity for you. Consult this post for more information.

If you have expressed interest in racing for Team Oppo/DB and want to drive in the race, fill out the form below.

NOTE: iRacing requires real names to be used on your account. Your real name is not asked for on this form, but are needed in order to form the official team to compete. The customer ID number will be used to send the invite. In this form, I have expressly asked any and all real name information to remain confidential. If this makes you uncomfortable please comment below and let’s figure out a better system.



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