This debate always makes me laugh. This is the way I feel about it

The Audi A8 is one of my favorite cars. I wish I would own one, but I’m a young millennial with no money so I made the sensible choice to get a 1991 Lincoln Towncar. It had the luxury, the comfortable feel and made me feel like a boss. All sentiments I think the Audi would have given me.

Similarly, I wish I could get a new sports car. A good 4C will do. I like that wind in the hair feeling and going fast for possible track days. I can’t afford a new one since I’m a recent grad. Navient (Sallie Mae) and Nelnet want me to sell a portion of my balls every month in order to make monthly payments, so I would have to settle for a Miata for that purpose. It won’t be the same feeling, but it’ll be close enough.


I like trucks. Not too big like a F-450, and not too small like an old S-10. I’m not looking to tow my house from PA across the country to an income tax-less state. I just like the look of trucks, especially in minor bro-ed out versions with sensible lift kits. I’m a believer of Toyota reliability so Tundras are my weakness. I wish I could get the Coloranyon twins, this new Ridgeline, or any full size on the market, but I would need to jump about 2 career ladders to afford any of those. I settled for a cheap and capable 1st gen Tundra that puts a smile on my face everyday I drive it, and is able to carry a chair or help a buddy move when needed. I know any other car can do the task (my old 3rd gen 4Runner moved me from my college house to my big boy house), but very seldom does a car make me happy as my (not used for intended purposes) truck does.


Sometimes people just want to be happy so they make buying decisions based on where they are in life. Other times, we really want something and can’t get it, so we settle for the next best thing. I say be happy with your ride and let others be happy with theirs.