Video of Saab in question

Anything he should be mindful of?

Carfax is spotless:

It had some obvious enthusiast owners, but I do not see anything about the timing chain. Being more of a bimmerhead myself, I’m not too well versed in the reliability of said timing chain, among other quirks. Research is fairly limited when it comes to reviews on the combi. While there are the basic, corporate reviews, I didn’t find much informaton forum hunting and from Saab enthusiast websites.

In the video I notice a few dings here and there but it seems to be a fairly straight car. The cameraman revs the engine a bit and the boost sounds really good, but they did not show a cold start so who knows if anything lights ups.


Anyways, he’s going to check it out this weekend, and any extra information on this lovely Swede would be much appreciated!