The 'ole Dealer Bait-and-Switch

So, after a few years of waffling on what car to buy, I finally decided that I’d quite like to own a 2017 Shelby GT350. Unfortunately, it would seem that the majority of Ford dealers seem content to tack ridiculous markups on these vehicles, even while 2016s sit on lots unsold.

Just when I thought I’d found a lead, I ended up falling victim to the ‘ole bait-and-switch at Crossroads Ford Lincoln in Frankfort, KY. I’ve been communicating with an internet sales rep since Tuesday, and was told that they had an available allocation that I could order against for MSRP. I made the >1 hour drive down this morning to put in the order and leave a deposit, only to be told that they wanted $10k over MSRP.

I resisted laughing in the guy’s face and telling him that I could list off at least 10 cars sitting on dealer lots unsold because of $5k+ markups.


Little do they know, I work for Toyota and know a ton of people in the neighboring Lexington and Georgetown areas that I will now be advising to avoid them like the plague.

Yeah, I’m a bit salty.

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