The Regal TourX is a pretty brave direction for Buick to venture. There is already a lot of skepticism in the product and confidence is mixed.

If the Jalopnik comments could be symbolized in images, this post would be NSFW. But, for every three posts praising the design and the fact that Buick is actually doing this, there is one that lays out the truth. People need to actually buy these wagons. There is no incentive to make the product if no one buys the product.

A lot of people are concerned that the TourX may go the way of the Chevy SS, an enthusiast car that was not purchased by enthusiasts. However, there are two major differences.

  1. The Regal TourX is not a luxury high performance full size sedan
  2. Buick actually gives a damn.

We are already seeing some shades of common enthusiast car issues

“It is what I have been waiting for for years. Finally, somebody listens to me and builds a product I actually want.”

“Are you gonna buy it when it comes out?”



Well this sparks worry that the TourX will not sell well, Buick will cancel the model after 3 years. The wagon will be gone forever and crossovers will be solidified.

But fear not, there is one demographic that could be very interested in this car and save the wagon from oblivion. Old people.


That’s right Buick’s bread and butter market in America. Yes, the Regal wagon is the perfect vehicle for older Americans that find their Enclave a little too difficult to get up and into. The Regal promotes a favorable ride height for egress, it should ride similarly, and it sort of looks like an Enclave in the back end. The power lift gate and truck height are very old people friendly. If the starting price of this car is too high and young enthusiasts are required to wait on the used market, then old people are the answer, and with their love of buying or leasing luxury cars, the used market will be flooded.


Help us old people, you are our only hope.