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The one problem with my Mazda6.

October 2015: I bought a then-new 2016 Mazda6 i Touring with the Bose sound package.

September 2016: I come to Oppositelock to complain about the driver’s seat making my left leg hurt.

Seriously. It hurts. A lot. And it makes me sad because I adore this car, even with that fault. It feels as if I am too wide for the seat. It’s always felt this way but I kept thinking I’d get used to it. Wrong.


Admittedly, the Mazda6 does have narrow seats, and I’m overweight, but I’m not THAT wide. My wife has thicker thighs and legs than me and she said that she feels no discomfort, even when she drove us half of the 9 hour trip to Florida in this car in June.

That leads me to believe it’s the way I am sitting. I have to do some moving around, I guess, to find a better position. I kind of slouch and I’m wondering if I put too much weight on my left side. I have had this problem in my wife’s CX-5 and my old Mazda3 as well. All of those cars have vastly different seats, which leads me to believe it’s a me problem and not a seat problem.

The underside of my upper left leg hurts just ahead of my butt. It gets worse on long drives. I have had several friends drive the car and then of course my wife has and no one notices any discomfort but me.


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