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The one time I parked on the street

My condo only has one space that is mine, so I use the other random spaces, but annoying people with nothing to do complain if you don’t move them every day. I am a bit busy with installing all the graphics for the freakin Super Bowl so fuck off people!! So I parked it on the street with the cover on so I can be free of annoying notes. Well someone can’t park or can’t get out of a parking space and bumped it. They broke the light and bent my rear light panel, crunched the bumper brackets (which is their job). I think I can straighten the rear panel, its thin metal. Thank the gods the hatch was untouched. I have new bumper rubber and that dent below the bumper came with the car but I will not say anything. My friends Japanese car shop can handle anything with the Z so hopefully I can get the insurance to send it there. The agent said a hit and run wouldn’t effect my rates. Well it’s annoying, at least it isn’t significant. I’m getting one of those bumper buddy things to cover it if I have to put it anywhere, I can hide it all under the cover.

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