I think pictures speak louder than words. Keep in mind, this is all the *finished* work, not the before photos.

Zoom in and count the number of details that bother you. We’ll make a game out of it
There are many different ways they could have anchored this post here (keep in mind, they poured a new slab) and they chose.... This.
With how high the taxes are in this “prestigious” area, and how much this project has cost the homeowners, this entire railing should be milled out of a block of magnesium.
But hey, this is good too!
“Welp, I think we’re done for the day! If we leave now we’ll make it to Arby’s for the lunch special!”
Hey, this doesn’t look SO bad...
Those new beams will allegedly remain unpainted
Pencil marks, missing hardware, and paint splatter.

Alternate title - “We’ve got a $500 budget and need walkways for 80 units”

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