The only Alpina B6 BMW E30 325i for sale in the US.

So you thought an E30 M3 in really good condition was expensive, well you need to see the only Alpina BMW E30 325i that's currently for sale. Originally posted on Ebay, Carsbyme aggregates listings from different partners like Ebay, this owner is asking for $62,000 for this extremely rare E30.

According to the owner he had some trouble with entering the VIN in Ebay because the Alpina VINs don't exist in Ebay's VIN database. However, he does say he has the documentation to prove the authenticity of the car.


Lets talk about the goodies the car has. It has an Alpina 3.5 liter inline six engine with 261 horsepower, which is 93 more than stock. It cranks out as much power as the E28 M5, except you can enjoy most of the power in the mid-range, 2000-5000 rpms, which sounds pretty awesome.

Overall, I personally couldn't afford to spend $60k on an E30, let a lone one that isn't a M3, but for the BMW connoisseur or collector with deep pockets this seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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