I’ve posted a bit lately about how we are moving, and as of now it looks like I won’t have a working car(unless that ignition switch does the trick) but will have a decent paying job. I think my wife wants me to wallow in the agony of biting off more than I can chew with the 911 project, by bumming cars from family or biking to the train station until it’s running. I’m more inclined to admit that having something other than a 17 year old rear engined luxury German sports car in MN might be intelligent.

So how about having not one but two beetles in the garage? Based on reports, the turbo beetle is like a slightly softer, smaller, cute GTI, with less pre-hoonage, worse depreciation but still having the same 2:0T and 6 speed manual. I like how they look and would take no offense to being told I drive a chic car.

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