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The only real number for the CFP is 5

So every year since the inception of the college football playoff, people have argued about what the right number of teams to have in the college football playoff is. I don’t think the author here really believes 8 is the right number but he’s going through the motions:

Case in point here is that I don’t think anyone really thinks that USC is deserving of being in the CFP. I do think each year there has been talent deeper than 4, and really I would be satisfied if just one more team got the ability to play their way in.


2014 - Big 12 collectively with its 11-1 Baylor/TCU co-champs. I think one of them should have been included. Flip a coin or argue on the Internet as you please.

2015 - Stanford was a really good 2 loss team. (And then you had the two one loss Big 10 teams. This year might be considered 3 odd men out I guess but I think you give Stanford the “go” in my proposed format because I think they were ending the season surging.

2016 - Penn State. Come on, they were the champs!

So maybe make 4/5 play against each other and that winner goes on to play 1.

And none of this matters to me because I’m in Oregon. Sad trombone.

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