The only reasonable thing to do is make another turbo system. (Lexus ramblings)

Having bought 6 of these turbos total over time I’ve just reached the cost of 1 Garrett equivalent.

5 alternators, 3 from a previous project with worn shafts, 1 of which is mostly disassembled(hiding in the back), 2 brand new ones that are getting upgraded shaft seals along with 360° thrust bearings.


Current sc motor has too much blowby from overheating in the past(& 200k miles) so I’ve ordered another motor that I can rebuild if i need to. The motor in the car still runs but the crankcase pressure is great enough to keep oil from draining out of the turbos. I’d like to make it work without rebuilding it if possible though.

The 2 1/2" pcv hoses are not enough let the crank breath all of its pressure so I’m going to repurpose the oil level sensor location on the sump to act as a pcv port.(Hack up the oil level sensor, use the flange to attach a barb and route the pcv to one of the intakes)


This leaves me with a second motor just sitting around, already got 2 extra turbos, All the necessary V-bands, and about half of the necessary exhaust material. Why not build another set?

This is the original turbo exhaust system that I will mimick, but I have not started yet.

There are essentially no company selling turbo systems for the ls, sc, gs, or 1uz-fe in general so I should be able to sell the second exhaust system I make and use that money for activities.

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