I recently bought a new 2014 Dodge Charger, which means it time to part with my trusty Olds Intrigue. I posted a for sale notice on a couple of local Facebook "buy, sell and trade" pages this past weekend, so far the replies have been:

Three people who were "extremely interested" but never called back

One guy who offered to help me sell the car for 20% of the asking price

One guy who tried to low-ball me for half the asking price, who then yelled at me and called me an asshole when I told him 'no.'

One guy who was supposed to meet me at a local Publix market on Sunday morning, but never showed.

Three or four people who want to know if they could pay in installments, including one woman who could afford $100.00/month. (If a bank won't lend you money, why would I?)


And one woman who had a long sob story about her sick mother and special needs child, who was going through a nasty divorce and just wanted me just to give her the car. I stopped reading after her statement "God will reward you in the next life." Lady, it looks like God's been knocking you around pretty good, so what chance does someone who hasn't set foot in a church in 35 years have?

And the beat goes on......