Tired of the same old Chevy, Toyota and Ford donning their cowboy hats and redneck shirts? Let’s add some ‘extras’ to NASCAR.


All of these cars follow the price/production rule. It would still be cool if these cars were in NASCAR.

Aston Martin

Wouldn’t it be epic to see a V8 Vantage racing around an oval? Some more awesome models-

  • Vanquish


Ever seen a Vanquish in person? I gotta say, the only ones I have seen are convertibles, but they still look amazing. That front splitter would do so many things to NASCAR viewers.

  • DB9


This is my opinion, but the whole car doesn’t look nearly as good as the Vanquish’s splitter. But still, it’s an extremely gorgeous car.

Alfa Romeo

Ahhh, Alfa. NASCAR needs red, and Alfa can supply it.

  • 4c


Looks fast and grippy, like a track demon, but car reports say it sucks. Don’t yell at me for saying that, a lot of magazines have. But nothing a good NASCAR tune-up can’t do.


No explanation needed.

  • D8 GTO


Who wouldn’t watch NASCAR if this was tearing up the track? So many people would go to the oval to watch one of these blaze the competition. Profits would be tripled!


  • 488 Spaniel Edition


I don’t like the styling of the May that much, but the 488 Spaniel would do just fine.

  • FF


“Hey, where did all this red paint come from? Oh....”


The best sounding cars ever come from England. It’s a known fact.

  • F-Type


Just imagine a full lineup of eargasmic sounds. Ever heard one rev in person? Those exhaust pops when the revs are decreasing sound amazing.

  • XF-RS


( Four-door Exception- There was a four-door Taurus in NASCAR, so this one may be eligible to enter, even though 200 were made? ) This car has 100x the eargasm than the F-Type. And only in person. Everyone, if you have heard one IN PERSON, describe your experience. I got the amazing chance to see this exact color in person, and oh my god. Nothing sound better. Period.


This may not be fair. But we don’t care.

  • Regera


Hmm. Looks exciting. And expensive.

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