Kidding BMW drivers. There are a large portion that drive those fine Germans automobiles like j-holes, but I know you aren’t all like that. [Apologies if this was on the main page.]

This video is hopefully of someone on drugs and not just bat shit crazy lady. I can also only assume this video is shot in Florida, because... well Florida. I mean her victory dance after smashing their car, two finger popping salutes with a little chicken cutlet jiggle, just screams it.

There is also a second video (passenger cell phone video) of when said lady decides to go around behind the car and snap a picture of the BMW’s license plate; which, I can only assume is evidence for an insurance scam. She then proceeds to hit the car she already hit because why not. Crazy muffin top lady will not be stopped there though, she rounds it all out with spitting on the hood of the car for good measure. The classy trashy studded truck then backs up to unlock itself from its love tap and drives on it merry way to add one more traffic violation to their record.