This is The Opposite Locker where we try and sort out the cool from the square. This is a discussion system detailing how cool a car is, not how fast, fun, or frivolous it may be, but how well it looks in the cat’s pajamas. But, you may be asking, what makes a car cool anyways?

Please utilize the Anna Kendrick Test when discussing why a particular car is cool or uncool, and ask yourself, “would Steve McQueen be caught dead driving this car down the Pacific Coast Highway?” (Basically, it should be bad on track and great on a road).

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Fly as Hell

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger was designed with very few body lines, perhaps the reason it still looks modern with a few trinket updates and NACA ducts. What I love about the Dodge Challenger is that it proves a company doesn't have to be, doesn't have to give in and become, "European" to sell a sports car. This is classic American muscle, and I like it that way.



Ford Mustang

The 2015 refresh brought the Mustang out of the pits and back into our hearts. We would gladly take one on a grand tour of America.


Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro is in desperate need of a refresh. And while the bow-tie boffins can no doubt make it fast on track, they’ve done little to keep it relevant on the road.

Subaru WRX

I voted uncool, but this is what has always made people who drive WRXs cool. They don’t look exciting (most look goofy), but they are truly one of the great bargain performance cars, so you know anyone who’s driving one is driving it not for appearances, but because they truly enjoy driving. That’s cool, in my book. - davesaddiction


Hyundai Genesis Coupe

I own this car; you guys called me on it.


New Kids on the Block

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar aimed the F-Type directly at the 911, boldly shouting at it with looks and exhaust tone. Is the F-Type too brash, or does it’s bodacious bottom overcome the apologies for it’s flatulence?


Porsche 911 (991)

Boring or timeless? While you don’t have to explain a 911, what has the 991 brought us if not the same old stuff? (Explaining what’s new won’t get you anywhere...) On the other hand, is the lack of revolution a bad thing?


BMW M4 (F82)

The M4 ditched the heritage M3 name in favor of an understandable naming convention. Also, the normally aspirated burble is gone in favor of some turbos and synthetic soliloquy


And boy, is that bodywork busy!


Sorry it’s been a while kids. What would you like to see on the block next? Taking requests, though try and make it a theme: American Muscle, German Luxury, Brightly-Colored Econoboxes (or something more interesting).

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