The Opposite Locker, everyones favorite Democratic coolness voting system, is moving to the weekends! If I keep up the pace that I've been going, we'd be out of cars by the end of summer, so posts will be coming to your screens on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. More of you voted during the weekends than during the weekdays, so thats my reasoning.

I have one more post for tomorrow, so keep a look out for that.

I've noticed that the average vote is for 'cool'. I need you guys to get mean and really think about what you're voting for. The average car should be considered 'uncool', because average is uncool. But It may just be the cars that I've been posting.

I've started placing asterisks* next to cars in the 'Locker Space' that I have moved more than slightly. Since I have no mathematical method of collecting your votes besides just looking at them with my own two eyes, I have, and will continue to, move cars slightly from cool to frigid, or from uncool to square if I feel that you haven't voted with your guts.


I just received a comment about challenges to my vetoing. Here is what I said:

For a Challenge:

1. You must get 20 petition comments.

2. You must state a valid excuse.

3. A league of authorities will review the call (Hopefully we can get the paid-staff to do this, but until then, Its just me and EssExTee, and that's if he notices your comment since there is no chat system that I can bother him with.)


If you have any ideas to help make the series better, please let me know.