So I get into work at 8:00, and there are two cars in the bay, one is for me. I finish the car by 8:15, and my boss pulls in another, but he tells me to do it. But before that I have to calibrate the machines, which my boss didn’t do because he doesn’t get here early anymore*. So it’s 8:30 and I still haven’t been able to start on it, but then an older couple comes in, and my boss tells me to do that car. But I ask him, “Do that car before I do this one *pointing to the Civic that came in at 8:00*?” He says yes. But then I respond, “But he’s been waiting since 8:00.”

And then my boss shrugs and walks away.

Mother of God. I think now when I find a new job, I’ll give him all of ten seconds of notice and do as some of you have suggested and just shrug when he asks why.

This guy deserves absolutely zero courtesy. He has no respect for customers or his employees, and I’m fucking tired of it.

But on the job hunt progress. I was going to apply at a local Honda dealer I used to work at because they need a smog repair tech. However, as I was about to submit my application online I read the clauses about at will employment, and one clause in particular about no employee at the company being authorized to enter into an employment contract. Nope. Not gonna do it. I emailed the service manager and told him I won’t go to any shop without protecting myself. We’ll just see how badly they want their smog license back.

*Well, I think he does, but he’s too busy watching surfing**.

**I’m sure some of you may argue an owner may do whatever he pleases, and you’d be right. But, I’d say an owners first priority should be to the customers. If I owned the shop I’d be here early calibrating the machines and getting ready to be open by 8:00, or I’d be paying someone to get here early to do that. He does neither.