The 2019 Mazda MX-5!

The MX-5 beat the VW Golf GTI by almost 15 points.

The manufacturer of the year is also Mazda. Followed by VWAG and Hyundai.

As for the list from the European COTY, the XC40 lost to “none of the above” but it was the one that lost the least, so I guess it’s something

Surprisingly, one of the higest rated cars was the Genesis G70. But not even close to the GTI or the MX-5, getting only a third of the votes the MX-5 got.


Others thought this very serious matter was a joke, and answered with jokes like

ur mom
your sister’s ass
go fuck your couch
This song
And the Toyota Century



As with the Politics poll (which was somehow, easier to manage), I guess many missed out and it was a futile exercise in representing Oppo.

Reviewing the form, it was somewhat flawed, I tried to correct the mistakes and delete double or triple voters. It’s important to add that double and triple voters chose mostly the Genesis G70

So if someone wants to take it up and make a new poll for longer and in a more orderly fashion, I encourage them to do so. I think there’s some potential here.