I think we all need to take a minute and be thankful for how great this sub-blog is in the Gawker universe. Last night I was able to have a spirited discussion on current Cadillac gauges. Cadillac gauges who in their right minds would want to talk about the gauges on a Cadillac? Car people thats who. On this wonderful little site of ours we can escape reality and enjoy talking about one of our favorite passions on a daily basis. Not only is it fun and lighthearted but it can be and often is thought provoking and genuinely good conversations. I just wanted to remind everyone how much you rock and how great this site it.

Oh yeah and by the way it was my Oppo-versary a few weeks back. Thanks for a great year everyone. I have learned more about my passion in the last year here than Top Gear could ever teach me. I am looking forward to the next year!

Earthrise for your time!