2018 was a fantastic year for racing on Oppo. OEC II produced some great racing in equally great cars. Now it’s time to carry that momentum into 2019 with the fastest cars we’ve ever raced. This is The Oppositelock Endurance Championship III! In this post, I have the specifics of the series, including the schedule and eligible cars. You can also begin to sign up for the series in this post.

As with OEC I and OEC II, this series is going to combine all of the one-off endurance races that are run throughout the year with a linked schedule, car list, and points championship. Despite the fact that there will be points, it is certainly not competitive racing or extremely aggressive racing. If you’re spending hours tuning your car weeks before a race you’re doing it wrong. If you’re racing purely to win you’re doing it wrong. Just have fun with it. People race in cars sponsored by Doug Dimmadome, finish the race in reverse, and do impromptu Le Mans starts. We’re pretty chill and just talk about cars and banter a lot of the time. That doesn’t stop us from having some great racing, though.


It is open to anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at the game. We have people of all skill levels regularly race with us. It results in some great racing, too. These whole series, especially the endurance races, are some of the most fun I’ve ever had in Forza. Here are some pics from the previous Oppo Endurance Championships in 2016 and 2018 showing the action.



This series will mimic the races of the World Sportscar Chmampionship and IMSA during the late 1970's, 1980's, and early 1990's. Tracks were selected from the schedules of those series, as well as other tracks that seemed appropriate. There will be a total of 12 rounds: seven 1.5 hour, three 2 hour, and two 2.4 hour races. Beforehand, there will be a ten minute qualifying session to set the grid. At the start of the actual race, there will be a formation lap. Yellow flag and caution rules will also be in effect. There will be 3 championships, Sprint, Endurance, and Overall, for both classes.


They will be handled the same way as any of our other races. Drive like you are in an actual race, and not an online public matchmaking lobby, and you will be fine. If you are new to racing with us or need a refresher, take a look at SVTyler’s post on driving etiquette. This will give you a general idea of what to expect. I also have my own rules outlined later in this post.

Also, instead of using parties or gamechat, we are going to be using an app called Discord to communicate during the races. It is available for free on any desktop or mobile OS. Please join the Discord server even if you don’t have a mic, that way you can still hear everyone else. Or just join if for the dank shitposting. If for some reason we are not using the app or it fails, we will be using gamechat to communicate, and hoping for the best.





Here is the current schedule for the races. There will be at least one race per month. The specific time and date of each race will be determined by polls about 2 weeks before the earliest optional time, when possible. In addition, if a track has a night/weather option, there will also be a poll to determine which version of the track to race. In addition, to allow as much input from you all as possible, two races will be up to a vote of every track that was not already raced that can handle BoP of this car group.


January 12th, 8:00 PM EST: Daytona Full (Night); 2.4 Hours (Endurance)


March 24th, 6 PM EDT: Catalunya Full; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


April 6th, 8:00 PM EDT: Sebring Full; 2 Hours (Endurance)


April 25th, 5:00 PM EDT: Long Beach Full; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


May 4th, 8:00 PM EDT: Spa-Francorchamps; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


June 16th, 6:00 PM EDT: Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe; 2.4 Hours (Endurance)


July 28th, 6:00 PM EDT: Nurburgring Full; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


August 24th, 6:00 PM EDT: Road Atlanta Full; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


October 20th, 8:00 PM EDT: Sears Point (Sonoma) Full; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


November 2nd, 8:00 PM EDT: Suzuka Full; 2 Hours (Endurance)


November 16th, 4:00 PM EST: Monza Full; 1.5 Hours (Sprint)


December 21st, 8:00 PM EST: Indianapolis GP Classic; 2 Hours (Endurance)




  • We will be racing Group 5, IMSA GTO, Group C, and IMSA GTP GT and prototype cars for this series broken into 2 classes: GTP and GTS 
  • There will be a set build for each car that you must match
  • Races will use a lap counter, but the race end will be determined by time elapsed and not laps completed
  • Damage will be set to simulation
  • Collisions will be set to always on
  • All assists (minus friction and collision assist) are allowed
  • ALL DRIVERS MUST BE ON DISCORD FOR THE RACE. You do not need to talk, but you need to hear what is being said.
  • Pit lane is always open no matter what.
  • Forza Race Regs will be used in order to get rid of tire walls.


  • The race lobby will be opened 10-20 minutes before the race
  • The earlier you are onlibe the better
  • Once in the lobby, please do not leave if you intend to race


  • Qualifying will begin promptly at the posted race time or as soon as possible after that time
  • Damage will be set to fuel and tires and collisions set to always off
  • The session will last ten minutes
  • Once flying laps start, radio silence will be enforced.
  • Results from this will be used to set the grid for the race.
  • Qualifying is not required
  • Not participating will immediately move you to last place for the race start

Race Start

  • After the grid is set and all players have readied up, the race will be loaded
  • There will be a formation lap, with cars single file at 80 mph
  • If there is a disconnect during the formation lap, a lobby restart may occur if the disconnected driver(s) request it. This may only be done a maximum of two times unless there are extreme circumstances.
  • If a driver leaves the controller but does not disconnect during the formation lap, the formation lap will continue without them. If they are parked at a dangerous point on track, the formation lap will continue until they return. Note that deliberately parking in a bad spot will result in a penalty.
  • Once cars reach the final turn, they will form up two by two
  • Class leaders have pick over which side of the track they get
  • The race start is for each individual car when they reach the start/finish line

In Race Etiquette

  • GTS cars have the absolute right to hold and use the racing line when a GTP is approaching/passing, if they decide to do so
  • It is VERY HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that GTP and GTS drivers communicate during passes
  • If you are in a GTP and stuck behind GTS traffic, be patient and do not force your way through, and DO NOT DIVE BOMB GTS CARS. 
  • The only thing that will happen if you try and weave through several side by side cars is a crash. Just in general, do not try a high risk maneuver. Be patient and let passing opportunities create themselves.
  • Refer to cautions as “be carefuls” unless a caution actually needs to be called
  • If the phrase “race control” is called, all drivers will be silent apart from the person who said it. This is to be used for serious questions or concerns
  • Do not discuss the events of a caution or race incident until after the race unless told otherwise
  • There are no blue flag rules, but excessively holding up cars while a lap down is frowned upon.
  • Be careful when exiting pit road as to avoid oncoming traffic, fast or slow moving. USE THE BLEND LINES WHEN POSSIBLE.
  • It is expected that all drivers will follow and obey track limits.
  • General rule is 2 wheels on track at all time. Curbs are considered part of the track in the race
  • .Driving backwards on the track is not permitted at any point.
  • TL/DR: Don’t be a dick


  • Credit for the original rules goes to r/redditracing, as I’ve only made minor changes.
  • For a caution to be called, a THREE CAR wreck must have occurred in which cars either spin, flip, take significant damage, or lose serious time off track.
  • One of the involved drivers and/or a witnessing driver must call the caution. 
  • When a caution is called, the race leader should slow to 60 mph IMMEDIATELY to allow the field to catch up 
  • The race leader will also assume the role of pace car unless there is a pace car present in the race.
  • There is no passing under caution with one exception. Any and all cars that are not on the lead lap may make ONE lap up under yellow. However, they may not pit to repair damage if they take the free pass, and they may not pass for position while doing this.
  • There is also no guarantee that a free pass car(s) will catch the tail end of the field before green.
  • The pits will remain open for the full duration of the caution.
  • Restarts will be single file at the start finish line unless otherwise specified.
  • There is a 5 minute cool down period after a caution where another caution cannot be called. If there is an incident involving a large amount of vehicles during this time, this can be overruled.
  • Once there are less than 10 minutes left in the race, no cautions can be called.

Race End

  • All drivers will continue racing until the total race time is completed (either 1.5, 2, or 2.4 hours)
  • Once the the total race time is reached, the overall leader will call white flag (final lap)
  • All cars will continue racing and completing laps during this time
  • Once the overall leader crosses the line after white flag is called, they will call checkered flag, the race will be over, and they will park in turn 1
  • After checkered flag is called, all cars will finish the lap they are on and also park in turn 1
  • Cars cannot be in pit lane when they take the checkered flag.
  • Once parked, all cars will remain stationary while results are collected.
  • Once results are collected, the remaining laps will be completed. Drivers may choose to leave at this point

Post Race

  • Any in race cautions or incidents can be discussed
  • If you feel an incident needs investigated, DM me what happened with relevant clips and I will address it
  • Replays will be uploaded by myself and/or others
  • Any drivers may stick around for more racing if they desire


Listed below are the cars that are eligible for both classes as well as their respective build rules. If it is not listed, it is not eligible for the race. However, if you think I forgot a car or want to plead a car’s case, leave a comment on this post on why you think that car should be included. I’m pretty sure every possible car was included, but if you have an idea of something to add I’m all ears.


To make the field more diverse and for better pictures, custom made or storefront paint jobs, and unique numbers for each driver are highly encouraged. While all cars should have a race number, it may be too difficult to organize everyone having their own number, but try and give your car a unique paint job to help it stand out. Also, if you paint your car as something that it is not, like painting the Aston AMR1 as a March BMW, and want it recognized as such, please let me know or make it obvious in the design so I can name it as such in the post races. Otherwise, it will be denoted as whatever it is in the game.

Some Other Important Notes

  • I have tested and will be testing all of the cars extensively to make sure they are as even as possible. In addition, I will keep testing them up until race day to make sure there weren’t any inconsistencies in my original testing.
  • The build rules for any and every car are not 100% set in stone and may be changed at any point for re-balancing of the field. Do not expect changes the week of the race unless there is a major issue or a car has been added to the series. Apart from Daytona and Le Mans, I am going to keep the builds as unchanged as possible.
  • You can change cars as much as you want, however once you switch cars you cannot swap again for 2 rounds. So, if you swap cars for the 4th round, you couldn’t drive a different car until the 6th round. This also applies to swapping between the GTP and GTS classes.
  • Custom rims are allowed on all cars so long as some rules are followed. Due to the build rules, the rims cannot change the PI of the car. For example, if the PI is P993, the PI must stay that way after the rims are added.
  • Team liveries are allowed and encouraged, though try to keep a consistent car manufacture. A max of 4 matching liveries per “team” are allowed.
  • I am legally required to say don’t break Xbox Terms of Service with your livery. However, my general rule is anything goes that is not sexually explicit or overly offensive. Therefore, tobacco and alcohol sponsorship are allowed. Though if you get banned by Xbox, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • Wwaveform and Plankton have made logos for the series and class identifiers. They are not required but VERY HIGHLY encouraged.
  • Special thanks to everyone who has helped test cars for this series.




For this series, there will be three different points championships: a sprint championship (all 1.5 hour races), an endurance championship (all 2+ hour races), and an overall championship. There will also be a separate manufactures championship for each as well. That means come December there will be TWELVE shitty MS Paint trophies awarded once again! In addition, the overall championship will have two drop rounds, and the sprint and endurance championships will have one drop round. So if you can’t make a round don’t worry. For the constructors championship, if there are multiple cars from the same constructor, the one with the highest finishing position is the one that will score points for the championship.



If you are participating in this series, please click the link below to complete a very brief survey so I can keep track of who signs up and their gamertags (the only information required is your gamertag and Oppo and/or Reddit username). Also, if you sign up and for whatever reason are not sent a friend request by me, feel free to send me one as well as a message indicating that you intend to join the series. My gamertag is Corey CC97. In addition, you can get in contact with SVTyler (GT: mackleroy45) or anyone on the Discord if you do not hear from me, and they will get you set up. If you do not complete the survey or get in contact with me or the other people racing somehow, there is a very good chance you will not be sent an invite to the race on raceday.




I will be posting reminders for the series and races frequently with links to this post. If you have questions, please leave a comment on this post or one of the reminder posts.

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