The Oppositelock Forza 7 Endurance Championship, Round 8: Planning Post (TIME AND DATE VOTING)

Now that Round 7 at the Nurburgring is over, it is time to start preparing for Round 8 at Suzuka. If you are new to the series, check out the original post, where you can read up on the rules and sign up. Or, if you already know the plan and just need to sign up, click here to go straight to the sign up sheet.

At the time of this writing, BoP is just beginning. As said in the Round 7 post race, some cars are being moved to a “request-only” status. I want to make it clear you can still race these cars, but you need to let me know ahead of time so I can properly BoP them. Nevertheless, BoP will be finalized a week before the race at the latest, so keep an eye out for updates from me.


As for the date of the race, the poll with the time options is below. Once again, I only have 6 different time options, mostly Sundays unfortunately. August is a pretty busy month once again between all the other ongoing series, and also me moving back to school later this month. When September rolls around, we should have more options again. In addition, there is also voting for weather conditions. For weather, there are three options: day, rain, or real world conditions. For rain, I’ll probably just randomly select various conditions for the different segments of the race, excluding heavy rain and thunderstorms because I don’t want the race to be a complete mess. Real world conditions would follow the real weather forecasts for Suzuka, Japan the day of the race, again excluding dangerous conditions. Y’all lucked out four times now with a clear race, but maybe this time we can get some rain. But it probably won’t happen because this event scares away rain. The voting for the first community choice race is also in this poll. Every track is included except those which are dangerous or super modern. And keep in mind that there is another community choice race all the way out in December for the series finale, so if you don’t get the track you want in September, you’ll have another shot in December.


I’ll be reposting this over the next few days, and if anything changes I’ll let you know on one of those posts. If you need help setting up/testing Discord, tuning a car, or whatever else, feel free to message me here or on Discord.

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