The Oppositelock Forza 7 Endurance Championship, Round 9: Planning Post (TIME AND DATE VOTING)

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Now that Round 8 at Suzuka is over, it is time to start preparing for Round 9 at Monza. If you are new to the series, check out the original post, where you can read up on the rules and sign up. Or, if you already know the plan and just need to sign up, click here to go straight to the sign up sheet.


At the time of this writing, BoP has not started. This time I’m hoping to get started a little sooner so my wheel doesn’t break on me again before BoP starts. Nevertheless, BoP will be finalized a week before the race at the latest, so keep an eye out for updates from me. Also don’t forget to request cars ahead of time if you want to drive them.

As for the date of the race, the poll with the time options is below. For the first time in awhile, I am pleased to say that there are a ton of potential options for a time. Now that RRIPA is done, there is a lot more time to work with. There is an upcoming GT4/TCR seriesfrom our very own moo man Cowmaster ready to take its time slot, but so far no times have been announced. If there ends up being an unavoidable conflict between times for the series it will be dealt with accordingly. And unfortunately, there is no choice on race conditions this time, and potentially for the remainder of the season.



I’ll be reposting this over the next few days, and if anything changes I’ll let you know on one of those posts. If you need help setting up/testing Discord, tuning a car, or whatever else, feel free to message me here or on Discord.

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