Here are the results from the sixth round of the Oppositelock Forza Can-Am Championship at Road Atlanta. In addition, the current points standings are in this post.


Here are the results from the sixth race of the season.

1st: Dr CHAIR PHD: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

2nd: ctom14: Ferrari 312 P

3rd: Darkzer24: Lola - Chevrolet T163

4th: Corey CC97: McLaren - Ford M8B

5th: Apak SL: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

6th: GrumpiestZero9: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B (DNF)

7th: Alphalead15: Ferrari 312 P (DNF)


Here are the current championship standings for both drivers and manufactures.

Driver’s Championship 

1st: Corey CC97: 137 points

2nd: Dr CHAIR PHD: 119 points

3rd: FearlessTSwift: 107 points

4th: Darkzer24: 106 points

5th: Tellurium132; RoboRedMd1te: 96 points

6th: NevadaHotDice: 65 points

7th: Rudi SRT4: 55 points

8th: EXOR Popolac: 52 points

9th: JA 37 Viggen: 40 points

10th: X Mr Plankton X; VVV DJT R; ctom14: 30 points

11th: th4tjoshguy; Conenubi701: 24 points

12th: Apak SL: 22 points

13th: FD Wanderer; GrumpiestZero9: 20 points

14th: Alphalead15: 18 points

15th: kiwichris1709: 17 points

16th: flyboyJRK: 16 points

17th: Capirossi22: 13 points

Constructor’s Championship

1st: Lola - Chevrolet: 164 points

2nd: Ferrari: 145 points

3rd: McLaren - Chevrolet: 144 points

4th: McLaren - Ford: 137 points

5th: Nissan: 115 points

6th: Chaparral: 17 points

Forza 7 Championship

1st: Dr CHAIR PHD: 35 points

2nd: ctom14: 30 points

3rd: Darkzer24: 26 points

4th: Corey CC97: 24 points

5th: Apak SL: 22 points

6th: GrumpiestZero9: 20 points

7th: Alphalead15: 18 points


No photos because I forgot to download the replay but even if I did remember Forza is broken and the liveries wouldn’t have shown.

Improved turnout form last time but still kinda low. Seems to be the norm for this series. The cars are very polarizing after all. New builds will be up in time for the next round, with proper tires and moar powah. Speaking of the next round, unfortunately I can’t run it before Thanksgiving, so expect it to be run the first weekend after the holiday.

Lastly, I’d like to dedicate this race to Peaches, Dr Chair’s cat. Though most of us never got to meet her, she will live on in our hearts forever. May she rest in peace.


Thanks to everyone who showed! 2 races left now. I’ll see you at the next round.