The Oppositelock Forza Can-Am Championship: Series Conclusion Post

Here are the final points standings for the Oppositelock Forza Can-Am Championship, as well as race results from rounds 7 and 8. In addition, there is a little preview of what to expect in 2018.


Here are the results from the seventh race of the season.

1st: Dr CHAIR PHD: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

2nd: VVV DJT R: Nissan R382

3rd: Corey CC97: McLaren - Ford M8B

4th: Darkzer24: Lola - Chevrolet T163

5th: cthom14: Ferrari 312 P

6th: Alphalead15: Ferrari 312 P

7th: Capirossi22: Nissan R382

8th: FD Wanderer: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

9th: Blunion05: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

Here are the results from the eighth race of the season.

1st: Dr CHAIR PHD: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

2nd: VVV DJT R: Nissan R382

3rd: Corey CC97: McLaren - Ford M8B

4th: Darkzer24: Lola - Chevrolet T163

5th: burnoutforzax: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

6th: Alphalead15: Nissan R382

7th: kiwichris1709: Chaparral 2E

8th: cthom14: Ferrari 312 P


Regrettably, no photos because I’ve been recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out and didn’t get a chance to get photos. I even had the replays. I’ve also been testing a lot of cars for an upcoming series before that though...



Here are the final championship standings for both drivers and manufactures.

Driver’s Championship 

1st: Corey CC97; Dr CHAIR PHD: 189 points

2nd: Darkzer24: 154 points

3rd: FearlessTSwift: 107 points

4th: Tellurium132; RoboRedMd1te: 96 points

5th: VVV DJT R: 90 points

6th: cthom14: 69 points

7th: NevadaHotDice: 65 points

8th: Alphalead15: 58 points

9th: Rudi SRT4: 55 points

10th: EXOR Popolac: 52 points

11th: JA 37 Viggen: 40 points

12th: FD Wanderer: 37 points

13th: kiwichris1709: 35 points

14th: Capirossi22: 31 points

15th: X Mr Plankton X: 30 points

16th: th4tjoshguy; Conenubi701: 24 points

17th: Apak SL: 22 points

18th: GrumpiestZero9: 20 points

19th: flyboyJRK; Blunion05: 16 points

Constructor’s Championship

1st: McLaren - Chevrolet: 214 points

2nd: Lola - Chevrolet: 190 points

3rd: McLaren - Ford: 189 points

4th: Ferrari: 184 points

5th: Nissan: 175 points

6th: Chaparral: 35 points

Forza 7 Championship

1st: Dr CHAIR PHD: 105 points

2nd: Corey CC97: 76 points

3rd: Darkzer24: 74 points

4th: ctom14: 69 points

5th: VVV DJT R: 60 points

6th: Alphalead15: 58 points

7th: Apak SL; burnoutforzax: 22 points

8th: GrumpiestZero9: 20 points

9th: kiwichris1709; Capirossi22: 18 points

10th: FD Wanderer: 17 points

11th: Blunion05: 16 points


And there is the the awkward situation of a tie for 1st place. However, considering that Dr CHAIR PHD won all but one race he entered and that I’m the series organizer, he will take the first place trophy. Congratulations!

And Dr CHAIR PHD also swept the Forza 7 championship with 3 wins in a row so he gets a slightly smaller trophy too. Congratulations!


Of course, if you know about real Can-Am, you may have been able to predict how the manufactures championship would go. Unsurprisingly, McLaren - Chevrolet wins! They’d get a congratulation email but Speedsource, Riley Technologies, and Pratt and Miller still haven’t responded from Oppo Le Mans so I guess they ruined it for everyone.



Gotta admit this series hasn’t gone as well as some from the past. Turnout was low half of the time and there were huge gaps between rounds, which is totally on me and my real world commitments getting in the way. On top of that, now that I’m not promoting this series, I can be open about what I think about the cars. They are undrivable trash. They want nothing but to kill me. At first I think as a whole people were excited to drive them, but then we found out how they really drove. Still love Can-Am, but holy shit. Mad respect to anyone who raced them in the 1960s.


However, the racing was always fantastic. Some of the closest battles I’ve had were in this series. For round 5 at Sonoma, I was never more than 100 ft away from someone battling. I think this clip from the final round sums up the racing in the series very well. Close, chaotic, and dangerous. In addition, going forward I’m putting more time into planning these things properly, as with the format of the next series this will be much easier for me to do.



For 2018, one of Oppositelock’s most popular and successful Forza racing series will return. The Oppositelock Endurance Championship! And it will feature some of the greatest sports and GT race cars ever made. Ford GT40. Ferrari 250 GTO. Lola T70. Shelby Cobra. BMW 2002. Renault Alpine. Ford Mustang Boss 302. These are just some of the cars eligible. And oh boy are there a lot of cars. There will be 50+ cars eligible for the series broken into Proto and GT classes. Overall format will be the same as in 2016. 12 rounds. 1 round per month. You all vote when the race is so we can fill the grid. And round 1 will be the anticipated return of the Oppositelock 2.4 Hours of Daytona for its third running! A sign up post will be out very soon.

I also recommend watching this game clip from testing, as it is a good representation of the kind of close racing to expect.




Finally, thank you to each and everyone who has participated in my little racing series, with special thanks to RoboRed for recording some races, everyone who streamed, and to Little Black Coupe for being our pace car. Here’s to 2018! And me finally going to be racing a Ferrari again!

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