Driving to pickup some groceries this afternoon I spotted something I haven’t seen in a while. An original generation Rav4. I started thinking how I would totally own one because they have now gotten “cool” in my mind.

This afternoon I get to class, of course get bored waiting for it to start, and say to myself “Has Doug chosen a new Doug car?”. I go on Oversteer and find this nifty little article by Doug:

My first thought was “Waaat... I just thought of this... That’s creepy”. My second was “I knew it.”

I like these. I always thought they were abnormal and they finally clicked in my brain just like how the Bentley Continental GT clicked in Clarkson, Hammond, and Mays. I don’t know what it is but I would totally own one just to have around. They’re quirky.


Do you all agree?

Update: Rav4 fever is sweeping across the automotive journalistic world -