The Other Ferrari F90

A car “Ferrari didn’t know about”, says Wikipedia. Can it be a Ferrari if they didn’t know they’d built it?

This is a car I’m sure I’ve read about, but forgotten about. Basically, the infamous Sultan of Brunei ordered 6 unique Ferraris to be built by Pininfarina, just for him. And neither rumor nor photo reached the rest of the world for maybe a decade, maybe more. Ferrari apparently acknowledged them in their year book in 2006 - 18 years after the project began. It was named for being a Ferrari of the 90s - not because it somehow succeeds the F40 of the day.

The coolest part for me is the roof. It’s a glass roof that slides back to cover the rear window, revealing a not so glamorous T-bar. But it seems a pretty practical and neat solution to the targa roof problem, far more so than removing the panels on my MR2. 575 Superamerica is still king in this regard I say.


So is it a Ferrari? Pininfarina did a lot of design and development for Ferrari back then. So it more or less is, though probably not in the strictest sense.

It boggles the mind that there’s 6 of these but they’re all for the same guy. And that there’s still such little information about them in this day and age. Apparently one was once sighted in Monaco - surely hundreds of people saw it while it traveled to, around and back from Monaco. Yet, so few pics.


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