The Outside Line – Your Afternoon TL;DR Summary of Jalopnik for 5/10/2018

Remember that Tesla Model X autopilot crash? The battery sporadically reignited for hours and days after the crash, requiring intervention from Tesla engineers. That’s just the level of service you can expect when you buy these electric minivan/coffins.

Putting giant tires on an already slow Subaru Crosstrek has predictable results on power.

Tesla teases partially-covered car in company video. Musk allegedly sent production managers to the Mountain View location of Jo-Ann Fabrics at 2am to be sure the bespoke cover was ready in time for customer deposits. The stitching is atrocious with massive seam gaps and loose strands.


The four-cylinder 2018 Wrangler still gets 24mpg combined while continuing its epic lifelong battle against the air in front of it.

New VW Golf concept will go 164mph without an electronic limiter, something that anonymous VW Vortex members have allegedly been doing with 2.0 Golfs since the late 90s.

Amazing special effects helped keep Paul Walker in F&F 7 even after his death. Unfortunately, that consumed the whole budget, leaving no room for a good script or believable dialogue.

Buses in Rome keep going Full Ferrari and nobody really knows why.

Rolls Royce just built a London Taxi or something.

Russian endurance racer does double backflip at Spa and walks away; still gets 7.5 from Romanian judge.

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