Reading articles and frontpage comments? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Saudi Arabia just began issuing drivers’ licenses to women, yet many activists are still behind bars. Because everyone knows that when a law changes, clemency is given to everyone, and for everything related to that law. I’m sure Trump will pardon them eventually.


Audi’s neverending quest to fill every possible car niche has resulted in a Toyota Venza named after a European Gas Station

A 51-year-old woman drove onto Little League field, killing one man in Sanford, Florida Maine.


Google bought so many Pacifica Hybrids, it will probably collect $465 million in tax credits to help offset the $600 billion in dorkiness credits it has already collected.

Putting an F40 engine in the back of a Ferrari Dino? That’ll be $1.3 million (unless you happen to be a DIY YouTube vlogger in Florida with an questionably immaculate garage)


Ford trying to patent an old-fashioned shower curtainthat hangs off your SUV’s tailgate. In totally unrelated news, assisted suicide is still illegal.

Tesla salespeople claim they’re being overworked and treated like a cult. But that’s impossible because cults rely on charismatic leaders and a desire to completely refute or deny any criticisms of the cult’s mission and goals.


Lotus continues to add lightness to its management structure.

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