The Outside Line – Your Midday TL;DR Summary of Jalopnik (6/6/18)

Reading articles and frontpage comments? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

GM expanding semi-autonomous SuperCruise tech to all US models.

Isuzu looks good, but he backs that azz up. Highway onramp, then he backs that azz up. Forward gears broke? Gotta back that azz up. DOT says “NO! Don’t you back that azz up!”


The Morning Shift:

  • Elon Musk adding Shanghai supplies
  • Californians might soon be able to buy regular exhaust parts
  • Subaru CEO fired over falsifying fuel economy data, trying to make CVTs seem cool
  • Aston Martin CEO laughs at plebian brands and predicts mass consolidation
  • M-B starting monthly car subscription service, which is very similar to just getting a new loaner every time your Merc is in the shop.

The path is narrow and the gate is small for this heathen French car.

Tesla Model Y teased; Musk offers cockpunch to first journalist to make “Model Why” pun.


Armored car chase through the streets of Richmond. Didn’t Lee already surrender?

Seychelles, which is totally not an offshore tax haven at all, has McLaren 570GT diplomat car in NYC.


Tesla will never build motorcycles because all vehicles are created equal; some are just more equal than others.

DTM race sees rain, suddenly realizes all of its drivers are secretly from California.


Mazda6 has some of the best steering feedback until suddenly it doesn’t.

Ford Escape finds gates of hell in Greendale, Wisconsin.

GM’s new autonomous cars launching in San Francisco, giving angry bike messengers nobody to yell at.

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