The Pacific Northwest scooter scene is insane

Before going in to a series of posts about my trip, I want to take a minute to talk about a scooter rally I went on the day after I got back. I kept hearing that this annual small displacement ride up in seattle was one of the biggest gatherings on the west coast, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it work with my cross country trip planned to end the day before.

Well I did make it back on time, and still apparently not tired of sitting on a motorbike, I decided to tag along with a few friends that were trucking their scooters up to Seattle.


The ride, called ferry 2 ferry due to the two water crossings by ferry in the beginning and end of the ride, took us all around the Seattle downtown area and a bit around in the woods across across the sound.

I think they had around 400 total small displacement bikes show up for the ride. Out on the road I could barely see the leaders or the tail end of the group.


On the ferry we basically took up a whole section just by ourselves


I had a blast, it was such a stark contrast to to trip I’d just come back from. Went from riding one of Hondas biggest motorbikes in the middle of nowhere the previous day, to riding one of their smallest in close quarters to hundreds of others the next day.

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