The Pain. UPDATING... The morning after:

Thanks Oppo for telling me I was being dumb to not go see a doctor, and for the well-wishing. This could have been much worse if I had kept trying to ignore it.

I did something awful to my back/right side just at the bottom of ribs yesterday, I think while shoveling snow, but I didn’t notice the pain until a few hours later. It seemed like a pulled diaphragm at first, from the location and the “hurts on big inhale” thing.. Anyway it was a little bothersome last night and as a result I slept kinda poorly. Today I did something really stupid: I picked up a 60lb bag of sand. The muscle has been in a pretty much constant spasm since about noon and ot hurts to bend, rais my arm, or breathe deeply. <this was probably entirely coincidental, as the embolism was gonna hurt bad even I didn't lift something heavy> Mrs BoostAddict had to litterally lay me down in bed because I can’t support myself at that angle... I am currently deciding how long I can live with it before I head to the urgent care clinic, and really wishing that advil would kick in right about now. This is a bad one. Worst I’ve ever had. My shoulder and right sixe of my neck are well involved, amd heat, massager, and hot shower have failed to calm it down. On my. Personal pain scale i’m at a solid 8/10. Goddamn this hurts.

Update 1) they gave me some intravenous ibuprophen stuff at the emergency room, and I feel better, not great, but much better... Chest x-ray and blood tests are still waiting, to rule out an embolism, or colapsed lung, or something like that (I highly doubt its a broken rib)..


Update 2) gonna get a CAT scan. I’m positive for the blood test that means I *might* have a blood clot. A positive result is aparently not a solid diagnosis, but a negative IS a solid diagnosis... So, since I am positive they want to take a look before they rule out a pulminary embolism and send me home with pain relevers and muscle relaxants...

Update 3) chest x-ray looks “fine”, no brokem ribs, no colapsed lung. They say it shoud take about an hour to get the CAT scan read, so I wait.... The pain is so much better, I might even try to take a nap. Thanks Chemistry!

Update 4) well i’ll be... Pulmonary Embolism. I get to go on blood thinners for the next three months or so. Thats a bit unexpected.

Update 5) the vicodin wearing off is like an alarm clock :p took another dose and hopefully I can get a couple more hours sleep...

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