The good news is that I’ve got my Civic sold...either to a guy tomorrow or a guy who wants to come get it this weekend. And with that, I’ve turned up the wick on my hunt for a nice P71 Crown Vic.

Today I went and checked out a 2003 right down the street from where I work. A former MA state police car, it originally looked like this:

I’ve always liked that paint scheme, although if pressed on what I think is the best looking state police car, I’m a total homer for my Rhode Island State Troopers:

I’m also a big ‘80s Crown Vic fan, but I digress.

So I looked at this 2003, which was repainted allover in the dark blue of the MA car above. The problem is that the door jambs and inside the trunk/hood are the light blue. It would drive me mad, I know it. Of course, the paint is more scratch than gloss (some scratches right through to the light blue, actually), so I’d need to get it painted anyway. He’s looking for $1500, I’d want to pay about $800, and even then, I don’t really want to. But it gave me an opportunity to drive one and determine that that was what I want, so that’s good.


A little bit more Craigslist creeping found me this possible gem:


What I like about this one is that it appears to be in much nicer shape than the other one, although it is newer (2008) and has more miles on it (130k vs 118 in the 2003). But inside, there’s something pretty neat.

The interior has been swapped for CV LX leather, including the leather steering wheel. Also, the car has a 3.23 limited slip rear, a Borla exhaust, good tires, and a lot of other new parts. Basically, it has all the things I was planning to do to the other one, but already done. And the door jambs match the paint, which makes my OCD feel warm and fuzzy.


It’s a bit further away from me up in Massachusetts, but it seems to me that I’m better off buying as good of one as I can afford rather than buying a slightly tattered one and fixing it up (which is my usual MO) since this is going to be my daily driver.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be out of the Civic tomorrow, driving the truck the rest of the week, and picking up a Crown Vic this weekend. Should be a good time.

Also, it should be noted that I’m probably going to look like a bit of a poseur where I work. I work in parking enforcement in Providence, and I park in the garage where all the cops is full of P71s and newer police vehicles (mostly Impalas and Explorers for Providence). It’s a great place to park though, since there’s always a cop or 40 there loading or unloading their cars.