I drive a truck. Not a bro truck, but a 4x4 F-150. Stock-ish tires, no lift, etc. At least once per month, I have to go to a meeting where I have to park in a garage that my truck BARELY fits into, height-wise. And every time I pull in, the pucker factor is turned up to 11.

I use my truck for truck things on the weekends, so don't judge. But it is, of course, my DD. I've gone into this garage probably 50 times. Every time, I illogically sweat it. That big, heavy ass, scuffed up round bar that will slam into your roof line if your truck is too tall is foreboding. I just keep saying "please don't hit please don't hit please don't hit."

I can't wait until I trade my truck in for a fast car. Then all I'll have to worry about are speed bumps, curbs, road debris... Everything I don't worry about now.