Inside: complaining about petty things, after the break.

So my Droid Turbo has gotten itself locked into a boot loop that I can’t escape from. No display output, no nothing. I can’t even get to the recovery screen, so it’s bricked.


I’ve learned a hard lesson about always backing up your data.

The good thing is that a family member had a iPhone 5s in a shoebox that I could use in the meantime. The bad thing is that now I’m out $45 for a month of service on this thing and I have to learn how to use an Apple device (which is frustrating due to how few gesture/swipe controls there are on a 5s.)

Combine that with some more convenient vehicular malfunctions, and this week has just been, to put it simply, a shitshow so far. My Subaru keeps stalling occasionally when put into reverse, so I’m going to have to tweak my throttle cable in order to actually keep the RPMs high enough to stop it from just immediately murdering itself (I told myself I was going to do that months ago...) And just as I thought as it wasn’t going to get worse, my left mirror has finally cracked from thermal shock. Absolutely unbelievable. At least my car’s breaking after I got inspected, meaning I have almost a year to fix all of these fine problems.

Or, if I’m lucky, pawn this heap of misery off to another person on this planet that wants to try their luck with an old, rusting Subaru.


At least I’ll be 21 next year. I guess it counts for something.