Woo! The rich spoiled cousin from Hell is gone! (Granted she is in her late 30s and married a rich South Asian dude).

I didn’t really have to do much for her, other than drop her off at the mall and train station. But still, she was a pain.

Trying to impress me with her lavish lifestyle “At home I have 3 maids, 2 cooks, and 3 drivers.” Told her “Here in America, we work hard and do everything for ourselves. No one caters to us.”

Using my toothbrush and other toiletries.

Flushing her tampon down my toilet, clogging it, and kept flushing when it was overflowing with bits of red particles. And she threw all of my bathroom towels (the ones that I use to shower) on the floor to clean it up instead of getting a mop. I fixed my toilet with an auger.

The day we went to Manhattan, I had to meet up with a friend for a project and she made me late cause she thought it was more important to talk on the phone than catch a train. I ended up dropping her off there and driving to Manhattan.

Spent a couple days with my sister as well. Went home yesterday and I called the house on the way home... she picked it up. Who the fuck answers the house phone of someone else’s place?

Anyways, they’re gone now. My bathroom smells like a mixture of shit and perfume. Money doesn’t buy class, taste, or hygiene. Here’s to hoping she never comes here again!

And on that note, I am not even going to BOTHER applying to any jobs in NY anymore. Fuck it, gonna go somewhere far away so I don’t ever have to deal with this sort of shit again.