The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

I always complete “customer experience surveys” because I know how much they matter to the employees. When I worked for Circuit City we were eligible for a $250 bonus if a customer was specific about us in a review that got the highest rating. Those bonuses always came at the perfect time, when I really needed it.

I felt the flip side of that today. I made the search for my wife’s engagement ring totally emotional. I picked the one that “spoke” to me. Ergo I spent way too much on a brand name ring with a smile on my face. However that smile faded when I asked to have the ring resized and they charged me $230 because it was more than 90 days since I had purchased the ring. On top of that the woman that delivered the message was very rude. So when the customer survey came around, I nicely told them how I felt. That was a moth or so ago, got an email from their mgmt today...I’m getting that $230 back!!!


Since this is money that I never expected to see again, I can burn it on myself right? I’m thinking about one of the car care kits from Chemical Guys, or something for my new gun.

What say Oppo? Spend it on myself or extra Christmas gifts for my wife and dog?

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