The perfect day


Started with picking up my car letting it warm up. Found the smallest of leaks from a hose clamp and tightened that up. I feel it is almost better in some regards to have a small problem than no problem.

Got on the freeway and during the drive to go pickup my friend, figured out the two big noises in the rear: the squeaking was from the driver side door, and the rattling was from the hatch actually vibrating a tad. Door will have to be adjusted, but the hatch was easily dealt with with a small piece of microfiber cloth adding some tension.


The problem that came really apparent was with both of us in the car we were rubbing on every little bump even with the dampers maxed out.

Got to cars and coffee and hung out for a couple hours. It felt great to finally bring out my fun car.


See the really cool thing in that picture?


A fellow 2jz swapped classic!

Really good conversation with a really cool guy, we chatted about the problems we had and I found a real kindred spirit in swapping the 2jz into a classic car. I had seen a video of his car before and thought that it was cool it was Washington car, very cool to see it in person. Also met a few people who were super chill, met a lot of inquisitive people, of course there were those that were a world of awkward, but having been there myself I can’t judge at all.

The video I mentioned before.

Had a real moment of panic when I forgot I activated my kill switch and thought I had blown something again. That was legitimately scary, but my friend reminded me to a big sigh of relief. We had planned on a cruise, but since my friend had his car stolen the day before, and my car was not coping very well with both of our weight, I suggested we head up to Stu’s Self Service garage for some lift time.


Goodness it is so nice to work on a car on a lift.


After raising the rear 3/4 of an inch which left a whole 4 inches of height adjustment left, I had enough time to wipe down the oil from the 7mgte puking it everywhere as well as bleed the clutch. Friend also was suggested to apply for a couple shifts, which was really cool.

With the rubbing fix we ditched the car as it was not tuned and I had set the overboost protection to keep me from ruining the clutch and didn’t feel it right to override my self, I picked up my daily and my friend gave me a very basic camera lesson (look forward to some higher quality pictures!).


Then we went to happy hour and had some great food.

Good company, great weather, cool cars, wrenching on cars, delicious food. Just an overall perfect day in my book.

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