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The Perfect Spec

This Mercedes-AMG E63s is pretty much how I’d option one. Boring but sinister black paint, subtle wheels, and a complete and total lack of carbon fiber accents. Debadge it and only car people would be able to tell the difference between this and a normal black E-Class.

The interior is truly what makes this car stand apart from most E63's. It’s tan, not black, and it has wood trim, not the tacky carbon fiber. This is a midsize luxury sedan that weights over 2 tons, no amount of carbon fiber is going to convince me it’s some sports car. Plus the options this car has almost all ones I’d want: AMG Performance exhaust, Panorama sunroof, massaging seats, heated rear seats, rear side airbags, the AMG Premium package, and the Warmth and Comfort package.


Anyone have $116,935 they want to give me?

Notice the Special Order charge under the Optional Equipment list.

Link to the posting on the dealer’s website here.

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