Hey Oppo!

Over the past few months I have been trolling the internet to find myself the perfect new car. I am currently 1 year out of College, and I work in sales job that requires me to drive a sizable amount. I also need to be able to tote around my companies suppliers, so the interior needs to be a pleasant place ride

This search puts me in a category where lots of young professionals find themselves in- Looking for a fun car, that has a nice interior, gets good gas mileage, has modest insurance costs, and is relatively inexpensive. So,

  • Must get Decent-Good Gas Mileage.
  • Must have Leather Interior
  • Needs to be Lower Displacement (Insurance costs)
  • Runs in the 28-33k Range
  • Must be Tuneable

So, this has brought me to two OPPOTIONS

The MK7 GTI- 230 HP โ€”โ€”โ€”- 30K


  1. SE Package - Leather Seats, Sun Roof
  2. DSG- For daily driveability for no performance loss
  3. Lighting Package
  4. Performance Pack- For the Limited Slip Diff, to reduce the front wheel driveyness.
  5. Aftermarket- APR Tune, Wheels & Tires, Ect...

The Eco-Boost Mustang- 310 HP โ€”โ€”โ€” 31.5K


  1. Premium Package
  2. Stick Shift- Because the Auto Sucks (Apparently)
  3. Recaro Seats
  4. Aftermarket- Programmable Tune (Cobb/Bama, Wheels & Tires, Ect...

I am currently leading towards the MUSTANG, due to the higher performance ceiling and sportier looks. However, the ease of the dual-clutch and practicality of the GTI is not to be underestimated. I know people will say you can get a Base 5.0 for the same amount of money- But remember that fuel efficiency and mild insurance costs are a must since I will be a 1 vehicle driver under the age of 25.


Which do you think is the better choice?