The Perils of Daily Driving Your Hero

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I was sandwiched on the 405 freeway here in Los Angeles today. 2 years of babying, of scolding people who didn't treat my car better than they did their own mother, of making sure my fluids were in check, my service appointments weren't missed, and keeping it waxed as often as it needed it were for naught.


I mean, I may be overreacting a bit. It wasn't that bad. The car wasn't totaled in the slightest. And, honestly, judging by how empty and weightless the sound of a Subaru door closing is I was frankly shocked by how well it took the Hyundai Sonata's violent ass ramming. Sure, the plastic bumper was smashed into the crash beam so hard that I can see a very faint outline through it and the trunk seems to be catching slightly, but color me impressed.

I guess I should explain what happened, right? It's your run of the mill traffic accident and since this isn't the first time (second time, though, with a different car) I was more composed and ready to deal with the situation.


So, basically, traffic slowed to a stop very suddenly on the freeway and I had to very swiftly step on my brakes, ABS rearing its scary head. I managed to stop alright, but I quickly glanced behind me, realizing before it even happened that car behind me wasn't going to stop in time. I braced, and boom. The hit was hard enough to push me into the car in front of me, knocking my foot off the clutch (but not the brake) and stalling my poor WRX.

I quickly looked around to see if everyone in side my car was okay, looked at my rearview mirror and noticed the guy that hit me waving at me to move over to the shoulder. I started the car up and began to scooting over to the side.


When we pulled off I got out of my car. The guys in the Hyundai got out and asked if everyone was okay. They were.

I turned around and noticed that the black Corolla that I was sent flying into was pulling away. He got out, inspected his bumper, and I guess decided that it wasn't worth the hassle to exchange information to get whatever damage he had on his car fixed. That, or he was probably uninsured, unlicensed, or both.


I exchanged information with the guy who hit me and he had AAA come and tow his Sonata away. I couldn't tell if his car was actually incapacitated. From where I stood, and the pictures I took, it just looked like his front bumper was smashed but my passengers did say she noticed it leaking liquids. So, maybe his radiator was damaged. My car seems okay mechanically. No noises, vibrations, and shifts were their same old notchy selves.

Damaged seems to be limited, for now, to the front and rear bumpers and the trunk lid. One of the exhausts seems to be a little lower than the other. It doesn't seem like there was any frame damage. I checked the rear bumper from inside the trunk and there doesn't seem to be any damage outside of the plastic bumper, but we'll see once the body shop inspects it.


It pains me deeply to see my little Scooby bruised like it is, but it could have been worse and I have to face the facts. The likelihood of someone plowing into me is pretty high up there. And, you know, material things are materials things and blah, blah, blah...

Both parties came out of it uninjured and I don't bare any ill will to the guy in the Sonata. We all fuck up. If I would have reacted a little slower it could have been me plowing into the car in front of me. Mistakes happen. He had a great attitude about it and gave me all the necessary information.


Now we'll let the insurance companies deal with the mess. I have to wait until Monday speak with a claims representative, though. So, poo.

Silver lining? I'll get a new set of bumpers.


Moments after finally getting back on the road a dark blue WRX passed me and gave us a very enthusiastic Subaru wave.




Sorry there aren't any pics. They all have my plate number on 'em. I'll try editing it out soon and updating this post. In the meantime the header picture is my Scooby before he became car bologna.

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