Not everyone had a gun on D-Day.....

08.20 Brigadier Lord Lovat leads the Commandos of 1st Special Service Brigade ashore in the second wave at Sword beach, with piper Bill Millin playing “Highland Laddie”.

Below is from his obituary - the entire entry is linked below. It’s well worth a read.


Millin began his apparently suicidal serenade immediately upon jumping from the ramp of the landing craft into the icy water. As the Cameron tartan of his kilt floated to the surface he struck up with Hieland Laddie. He continued even as the man behind him was hit, dropped into the sea and sank.

Once ashore Millin did not run, but walked up and down the beach, blasting out a series of tunes. After Hieland Laddie, Lovat, the commander of 1st Special Service Brigade (1 SSB), raised his voice above the crackle of gunfire and the crump of mortar, and asked for another. Millin strode up and down the water’s edge playing The Road to the Isles.

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