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The plan.

So it’s abundantly clear that I will not be buying a car this year, because I’m buying a house, and adopting a kid, and that’s a “not a bad way to blow 10 grand”. But the good news is some major stuff is now fixed on the Galant so it’s not longer a PITA to daily drive.

However I still carry a flame for my 91 Civic hatch and need to own another one. So my plan is next April I should have about 4,000 bucks to spend on a car, and my wife has agreed to this. So im going to search nation wide and find the cleanest souther Civic hatch I can, fly to where it is and drive it home, and keep the Galant as a winter car. When the day comes I’ll be asking you southern Opponauts to help me in my search. I thank you in advance.


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