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Definitely watch this. I thought it was bad but I have an unbelievably short attention span when it comes to sitting down and watching shows or movies. I also don’t like any kind of serious movies or shows.

The reason I am telling you to watch is because of a part that had me rolling on the ground in laughter. A person is fighting for his life to climb out of a hole. As he screams to a bystander up top for help, the camera pans to his extended hand, then to the person at the top...Who is facing BARE ASSED out and SHITS ON THE GUYS FACE instead of giving him a hand up!


lolololololololololololol I did not see that coming! Sent the clip to my dad, and best friend who both called me nearly in tears asking what it was all about, haha.

Just watch it, if you want or don’t.

Happy Humpdizzle.

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