The point of no return.

In aviation there’s a term called “V1" (vee-one or be-uno in Aeromexico); it is the speed at which the airplane is traveling too fast to abort a takeoff procedure in the runway. It is a critical speed as it is then that the plane must takeoff because it doesn’t have enough space to safely stop.

thank god for heated seats...

So there’s normally a lot of tension before and during v1 because it means the pilots need to make sure everything is perfect to being flight. If failure occurs after v1 the airplane must takeoff and figure their shit out airborne (see Concorde crash)


Anyway... I find myself at V1 at the moment, because the later I stay up the less hours I can realistically sleep until my 5:35 alarm goes off, meaning I might miss it altogether or I won’t be rested and actually sleeping won’t be worth it.

I’ve been having a horrible cold that doesn’t let me sleep at all, hence the insomnia and my urge to shitpost here in Oppo.

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