These are the frenzied thoughts of a teenager struggling to come to grips with reality. If you’re willing to lend an ear, you might want to have a nice looking car for your time.

I’ve already accepted the fact that college isn’t for me. I figure it’s best to invest the meager funds I have into other options. And currently, since transportation will be necessary for a part-time job, I figure that using an extra $500 or so on necessary insurance is investing in opportunities. A while ago, I was asked what I wanted to do after high school. The answer I gave was “be happy.” Traditional higher education isn’t the only way to make it. Don’t worry about me, as I have two rules in life that should see me out the other side okay. If happiness was a fish we could catch, I’m still fishing. But that’s okay, as even the worst fishermen will catch at least one fish eventually.