The 718 is a lie fed to us by marketers.

We know that Porsche thrives off its heritage. There’s a reason they’re at the top of this post. Well, I’m here to tell you that the 718 which everyone is celebrating is a marketing stunt. The Boxster and Cayman are downsizing and turbocharging just like everything and everybody else - from the M3 and a slew of AMG Mercs to Ferrari. Only the infinite genius (read: infinite marketers) at Stuttgart have found a way to turn this into a positive - find a successful 4-cylinder from the company’s history, tie it to the new car...success!

Is the new Coxster anything like the race car it’s named after? Any more than the outgoing model? No. It has the same number of cylinders, that’s it. But it also has a turbo, so it’s different too.

Yes, because they’re Porsche and heritage is their biggest angle, they’ve actually gone so far as to brand the cars as 718 and probably to add some superficial styling touches to help make the relationship. But, like the 911 SC and Speedster that came before, don’t hold your breath for something that’s really similar to the car it’s supposed to represent.

Never let it be said that Porsche don’t know their audience. Old men, who both care about the past, and are obsessed with the tiniest production changes. They’ll love this stuff. They’ll gobble it up like so much Ferrari merchandise. But we can do better, Oppo. We who care about integrity and truth and science, bitch. Don’t fall into the Porsche marketing machine.